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Additives (general)

  • What are additives?
  • Why are additives given E numbers?
  • Which E-numbers and additives are from animal origin ?
  • Which E-numbers are halal and haram ?
  • Which E-numbers are allowed by Islam ?
  • Which products contain ethanol and are haram ?
  • What is an ADI?
  • What is the purpose of an ADI?
  • Who determines the ADI?
  • How is the ADI determined?
  • Why is a safety margin necessary?
  • What safety margin is normally used when determining levels of food additives?
  • Is it acceptable for an individual to exceed the ADI on any given day?
  • How are dietary intakes of food additives monitored?
  • Which additives contain milk products?
  • Which additives contain chicken products?
  • What are benzoic acid and benzoates and in which products do these occur?

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